Not so much Rock’n’Roll!

Traveller Tip: In Asia they have breakfast, but not as you know it. If there is ever milk, it’s long life. Bread is sweet and toast isn’t a big thing. Cereal and butter is rare unless it’s a distinctly western orientated place. If you’re not prepared to experiment, buy your own 2 minute noodles from a 7-11 the night before. Continue reading


On the road, Finally!

It was a long day getting here, leaving Adelaide at 10am and not hitting the Beijing bed until 6am the next day. The Melbourne to Honkers leg was really good considering it was 9 hours. Hong Kong to Beijing was only 4 hours but a lot more cramped and stressful.
When I landed, it was a typical torrential Beijing downpour. As a result, my baggage arrived soaked, meaning some of the contents were a bit damp too. Add a mixed up booking at the hostel and a broken handle on the suitcase, the crankypants were almost ready to be donned.

Luckily things were sorted in time to avoid a right royal (princessly) foot stamping and I managed to grab a few hours nap, go down for breakfast and meet the guys, and then return for a few hours coma.

By the time I woke, the others had already left for practice and so I found my way there solo on the Beijing subway with some help of a scrawled note from Peter and a vague memory from 2 years ago.

Traveller Tip: If you are staying in a foreign city for any length of time and they have a subway system, get familiar with it. It is amazing how much easier life is when you don’t have to find taxis.

One with the lot thanks!


Solo stuff

In the ‘off-season’ between tours, I undertook a course with Cari Cole all about how to turn musicianship into a profession. There were some great technical and artist developmental tips, as well as an introduction to other artists at all levels and ages, but the most value I got from the course was the slap-in-the-face common sense approach that if you want to make money as an artist, you need to treat it as a business. Continue reading