The Kombi – About Musicalpilgrim

Life is a journey, Music is a bus. Welcome aboard, enjoy the view 🙂

What’s a “Musical Pilgrim”?
It’s a term I discovered that encapsulates how I’m learning – about myself, about others.

Why should I care?
Hopefully something I put down here will resonate with or challenge the way you think. If it resonates, it may make you feel less alone. If it challenges (and you respond), it provides you with an opportunity to change the way someone else thinks. When I’m not spouting opinions, it will be a commentary on stuff my various musical ventures are doing.

So what are you selling?
Me. I am a musician, IT semi-geek and family guy caught somewhere between the boomers and the X-gen. Most of my life has been pretty cruisy: living in a mainly tolerant, multi-cultural, prosperous society in a not-overcrowded city in a fantastic country. A couple of hiccups in the past decade have opened my eyes a little to how freaking lucky I am and what a wondrous thing this thing called life really is.

I like singing, playing, performing and listening to music but I’m certainly no musical savant. In fact, I quite happily admit that nearly everyone I play with has more talent than me. But part of this awakening is the realisation that it doesn’t really matter – music is about experiencing, not academia. Every time I play with someone, no matter their talent, skill or theoretical knowledge, that person is giving me a gift of sheer joy. As Kurt Vonnegut said, “The only proof he needed for the existence of God was music”.

It’s with this perspective that I created this persona; a way to express and share my learnings through life be they musically based or not.

I’m so very grateful you came here. Feel free to browse my previous blogs and leave comments and thoughts. The world is our oyster.

Life is a journey, Music is a bus. Welcome aboard, enjoy the view 🙂


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