On the road, Finally!

It was a long day getting here, leaving Adelaide at 10am and not hitting the Beijing bed until 6am the next day. The Melbourne to Honkers leg was really good considering it was 9 hours. Hong Kong to Beijing was only 4 hours but a lot more cramped and stressful.
When I landed, it was a typical torrential Beijing downpour. As a result, my baggage arrived soaked, meaning some of the contents were a bit damp too. Add a mixed up booking at the hostel and a broken handle on the suitcase, the crankypants were almost ready to be donned.

Luckily things were sorted in time to avoid a right royal (princessly) foot stamping and I managed to grab a few hours nap, go down for breakfast and meet the guys, and then return for a few hours coma.

By the time I woke, the others had already left for practice and so I found my way there solo on the Beijing subway with some help of a scrawled note from Peter and a vague memory from 2 years ago.

Traveller Tip: If you are staying in a foreign city for any length of time and they have a subway system, get familiar with it. It is amazing how much easier life is when you don’t have to find taxis.


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